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Welcome to Mount Castle International School

Welcome to Mount Castle International School

a beacon of educational excellence where tradition meets innovation. With a rich history spanning over 5 years, we take pride in providing a nurturing environment that fosters the holistic development of every student

Educational Programs

Step By Step Systematic Education


Welcome to the Playgroup class at Mount Castle International School, where the journey of learning begins...


Welcome to the Nursery class at Mount Castle International School, where curiosity is nurtured, and learning is an adventure.


Welcome to the Junior Kindergarten (JR.KG) class at Mount Castle International School, where young learners embark on...


Welcome to the Senior Kindergarten (SR.KG) class at Mount Castle International School, where young learners...


Welcome to the Primary class at Mount Castle International School, where the journey of formal education....


School Facilities

Engaging & Spacious School Campus

Modern classrooms with interactive whiteboards.

Well-equipped science laboratories.

Integration of technology throughout the curriculum.

Extensive library and digital resources.

State-of-the-art sports facilities.

Dedicated art and music studios.

Nutritious cafeteria offering healthy meals.

Health and wellness centre staffed by professionals.

Outdoor learning spaces like gardens and outdoor classrooms.

Meet Our Professional

Teachers & Trainers

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Happy Parents

Google Reviews

11:56 29 Mar 24
Avinash PatelAvinash Patel
10:44 12 Mar 24
Beautiful and great school
Lingua TechLingua Tech
13:59 11 Mar 24
Mount Castle International School stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of education, offering a comprehensive learning environment that nurtures young minds to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. As a parent who has entrusted their child to this esteemed institution, I am delighted to share my positive experience and observations.First and foremost, what sets Mount Castle apart is its unwavering commitment to academic excellence. The school boasts a meticulously crafted curriculum that not only aligns with global standards but also fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Through innovative teaching methodologies and a dedicated faculty, students are not merely taught subjects but encouraged to explore, inquire, and discover knowledge independently.Moreover, Mount Castle International School prioritizes holistic development, recognizing that education extends beyond textbooks. The school strongly emphasizes extracurricular activities, sports, and arts, providing students with a platform to explore their interests and talents beyond the confines of the classroom. Whether it's participating in sports tournaments, engaging in community service projects, or showcasing artistic endeavors, students are encouraged to pursue their passions and develop into well-rounded individuals.
elvis chinonsoelvis chinonso
02:09 11 Mar 24
There is good infrastructure with all the facilities for the growth of students at Mount Castle International School. The staff have been extremely supportive and helpful to the students education which is the most important thing, and as part of the staff the school has all it takes to make your child greater.
Abasaheb ChavanAbasaheb Chavan
17:45 09 Mar 24
Abhishek PatelAbhishek Patel
11:16 09 Mar 24
Happy to have Mount Castle International School in near by area of Datawadi Nere and Marunji, it's very great, happy, fun learning and fulfiling educational journey. Excellent teaching staff and infrastructure too. Students can acquire good subjective and other skills as this school provides huge learning curve academically and non-academically.Special Gratitude towards Mr. Vikram and Mrs Aishwarya for providing detailed knowledge of school curriculum, publication and the application used by school "Kreedo".Play area for School is huge and facilitated well for students along with international experienced coach Mr.Elvis.
Manjeet ParasherManjeet Parasher
07:58 09 Mar 24
Enrolling my nephew in Mount Castle International School has been an amazing decision. The warm, inviting atmosphere coupled with a curriculum that seamlessly blends academics and life skills has exceeded our expectations. The emphasis on community and empathy, along with exceptional teachers, makes it stand out. Highly recommend for any family seeking a nurturing and enriching preschool experience.
Pranesh Kumar AmarPranesh Kumar Amar
01:21 31 Dec 23
The school provides a nurturing environment with dedicated teachers who prioritize student growth.The curriculum is comprehensive, fostering both academic excellence and character development.Oftenly, they arrange Parent Teachers Connect to suggest and improve the child career in academics, sports and other interested areas.Recently school has celebrated a very successful Annual Event, Nice Stage Set Up with very good performances by little kids. School has a big play area, Ground and they do focus on sports as a career.Overall, it offers a solid foundation for students' education. It's beginning for a bright future.Thank You.